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Hand’s down, transmogrification is my favorite thing Blizz did in Cataclysm. Almost a year ago when they first announced transmog, I couldn’t believe that all of my packrat ways were finally going to benefit me. I’ve always collected interesting armor and staves and swords and whatever else for my toons. FINALLY I would be able to use them again! Never again would I have to wear a WWE belt against my will. Let’s just say I was excited.

A year later and I love this feature just as much as I did then. I recently posted a page giving the run down on all of my characters, and it was kind of funny how much I stressed out about their outfits. Hey, I was introducing my toons to the community. Had to make sure they look good, right? Anyway, I thought I would also post the outfits I’m wearing here because dressing up is fun.

The moment patch 4.3 went live, the first thing I did was run to the transmogrifier and change everything into the full t6 Thunderheart set. It had long been one of my favorite druid tiers, and I love that it looks like it was designed with tauren in mind. I kept that for a good long while, and switched it up on occasion so that I wore t8, t13, t7, and some other creations in between. The other day I got inspired to go back to t6, but with a twist:

Head: Thunderheart Helmet I love this model of tauren ladies. Helms often look so silly on them, and the bird’s head look covers up some of the awkwardness and hides some strange thing with textures as well

Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the Forgotten Gate These shoulders are what inspired the set. I really liked rogue t12 and was kind of sad that I didn’t have one to play. When Fay got these shoulders, I was happy because they have such a neat model, but sad because I would never see them in her kitty spec. Yay for transmog making them relevant!

Chest: Thunderheart Tunic Happens to match the shoulders very well, so I decided to just use it again

Waist: Belt of Primal Majesty The obvious choice

Hands: Loramus’ Gloves I don’t really like the way the bulkier glove models look on tauren ladies since they’re already so broad. I tried a few different glove models and was a little sad to realize that the ones I really wanted where a Cataclysm quest reward that I deleted a long time ago. Happily, a pair of gloves in some of the revamped low level quests worked just as well!

Staff: Origin of Nightmares One of my favorites, and matches the whole bird theme of the set quite well.

You can try it on here.

Not one of the most creative transmogs out there, but I like it all the same!

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