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Tree dance!

For quite some time, I’ve wanted to start a blog that chronicles my love of WoW.and the community attached to it. I kept myself from doing it because I felt I lacked having anything to share that hasn’t already been covered somewhere else in the blogging community. I’ve decided to go ahead with it anyway, and hopefully along the way I’ll have some interesting views that others in the community will find entertaining.

About me: I started playing WoW almost three years ago, a couple of months before the launch of Wrath. I had always been interested in WoW, but never had the time to play. I blame Mr. T for finally luring me in. After seeing his commercial, I went and downloaded the trial (and was thrilled that it ran on my Mac, by the way), rolled myself a night elf druid, and immediately fell in love with the world that Blizzard gave me. The moment I walked into Darnassus, I was completely overwhelmed by how beautiful it was. Something about the entrance and the huge “Alliance Territory” that flashed on the screen really hit home for me that something epic had occurred. Then I glanced down at trade chat, was vaguely horrified by what I read, then was asked if I wanted to eRP by some random night elf warrior, and I promptly signed off. A few days later I told a real life friend of mine (who was a former WoW player) about my experience, and he told me to reroll Horde on his old server. Despite the fact that I didn’t want to be “one of those big cow things,” I listened to him and have been an avid Horde player ever since. I still love Teldrassil and Darnassus though, and will occasionally roll up a new baby druid just to experience the zone again.

Do not invoke the wrath of an angry tree

These days, my mains are a restoration druid and a retribution paladin, because I enjoy healing things and smacking stuff in the face with a sword. I’m an officer in a guild that focuses on both RP and 10-man raiding. I’ve never been interested in doing 25-man raiding because I like the tight nit nature of a smaller group. I make it a point to set aside time each week to RP. For me, if a toon doesn’t have a good character and story behind it, I can’t get into playing it.

In the real world, I work in the a creative field, and my degree is in graphic design. Unsurprisingly, I’m fairly obsessed with having a nice looking UI. I’m the person in my raid who will say random things like “Huh, interesting, they’re using the main melody from ‘Invincible’ as the undertone for the music that they play here,” while waiting for people to come back from a break. I love that Blizzard takes the time to add so many “flavor” items to the game, and think it would be pretty boring if everything in the game were about upgrades.

My hopes for this blog is that it will have a fair mix of entries about raiding, RP, lore, and general silliness in between. I’ll let it evolve naturally and see where I can find my niche in this very vocal community.


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