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When I decided to try to get into blogging again, I spent a lot of time lurking on other blogs before getting up the courage to start commenting. And when I saw Navimie’s post¬†showing off a tauren druid chibi, I both had to comment on the cuteness and get one for my very own.

The art that Sleepingfox does was just way to good to pass up. And so I had her do chibis of my two mains, Koralie and Fayasha. I absolutely can’t believe the level of detail she got in there, especially considering how crappy the screenies I sent her were. I’m so unbelievably thrilled with these and seriously resisting the urge to commission her to do chibis for more of my toons…and my friend’s toons…

Seriously. These completely made my day.

Koralie is wearing my favorite transmog for her and what I like to call her crazy punk armor set. I just love the striped stockings on it, and Sleepingfox captured the loot of the set perfectly. She also got Koralie’s slightly¬†mischievous¬†expression too.

Fayasha is wearing T11 because I think it’s one of the most beautiful druid tiers ever. I’m excited to start transmogging to that now that we’re going to be out of Cata soon. Sleepingfox caught the introspective and visionary expression that I tend to think Fayasaha must have most of the time. And the staff. <3<3

So happy and excited! Sleepingfox, you are amazing!

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