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Hey Blizz, I heard your subscriber numbers are down. Well do I have an idea for how you can make up some of that lost revenue. Inspired by Big Bear Butt’s post about the WoW Megablocks I thought of something I want even more than an giant XT.

Please make a Karazhan chess set. I’m not comfortable begging, but I really think this would be a good idea. You already made Warcraft Monopoly, which I guess was cool and everything, but the chess set would be better.

And I don’t want an Alliance versus Horde with Thrall and Aggra versus Varian and Jaina chess set either. I want a replica of the one from Kara. I want Laine and Blackhand and necrolytes and clerics. I want wolves and chargers. If you don’t feel like the chess set fits in with your current design themes due to the out of date armor, okay. Maybe redesign it a bit so that the orcs have 100% more spikes on their shoulders. But really, you don’t have to. I’m fairly sure at least a million WoW nerds out there would buy it as an exact replica. Hell, I want one, and I don’t even play chess.

But if I could have a Karazhan chess set, I might just learn how.

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